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Craig Stuart Garfinkle
Composer for Film, Television & Multimedia
A Partial List of Credits – March, 2007


“Ghosts Never Sleep”
“The Kids Who Saved Summer”
“Choosing Matthias”
“The Medicine Show”
“Hollywood Monkeys”
“Mojave Moon”
“Precious Find”
“The American Samurai”
Steve Freedman, Dir. W/ Faye Dunaway & Tony Goldwyn
Mainline Releasing, Dir. Rob Spera, Michael Feifer Prd.
Choosing Mathias-Caia Coley, Dir.Michael Feifer Prd.
Showtime, Wendell Morris dir. (Additional Music)
Grindstone Pictures, Vince Miller Dir.
A-Z Films, Chad Ahrendt Dir.
IEG/New Moon (Main Title & Additional Music)
Republic/Spelling (Main Title & Additional Music)
Cannon Pictures (Main Title & Additional Music)


“The Office”
“Russian Roulette”
“The Nick Cannon Show”
“Lunatic Theater” – 2001 Fox Pilot
“Totally Outrageous” – ABC
“Nothing’s On Pilot”
Images of Arizona” – KAET
“Visions of Arizona”- KAET
“Family Rules” -UPN
“The Jeff Foxworthy Show ” – NBC
“Evening Shade” – CBS
“The Little Mermaid ” – CBS
“Raw Toonage” – CBS
“Dungeons and Dragons: Dragon Strike” – Syndicated
“Sebastian & Marsupilami” – CBS
“Comfort Texas” – ABC
“The MSI Science Zone” – WGN
“The Making of Innoventions” – Disney Channel
“Over Arizona” – KAET
“Photographs & Memories” – KAET
“Legends and Dreamers: Inspired by AZ Highways”
NBC TV, Kent Zbornak, Prod. – Music Prod. / Addtl. Music
Sony/Columbia Tri-Star – Theme and Music
Nickelodeon/Tollin Robins Prod.
Jerry Seinfeld, Barry and Alan Marder Writer/Producer
Unapix Prd., D. Soiseth, S. Corburn & J. Coane Prd.
Unapix Prd., B. & A. Marder Cr., J. Coane Prd.
KAET/PBS (Emmy Winning Documentary)
PBS (’99 Emmy Nomination, Original Score)
UPN/Jim Henson Company
NBC/Brillstein-Grey (Second Season’s Theme & Music)
CBS/Mozark/Burt Reynolds Prod. (Additional Music)
Disney Television Animation (Songs)
(Emmy Nom.) Disney TV Animation (Additional Music)
TSR Inc.
Disney Television Animation (Additional Music)
Disney Television
KAET/PBS (Emmy Winning Documentary)
PBS (Emmy Winning Documentary)
PBS (Emmy Winning Documentary)


“Baldur’s Gate, The Dark Alliance II”
“Fallout, Brotherhood of Steel” – Main Menu Theme
“Terror Trax, Trax of the Vampire”
“National Lampoon’s ‘Blind Date’”
“Planescape, a Guide to the Outlands”
“Hail The Heroes”
“Night of the Vampire”
“Gilantri, a World of Magic”
“First Quest”
“Raven loft, A Light in the Belfry”
“Trax of the Werewolf”
“Dragon’s Mouth Cave”
Interplay Entertainment, X BOX/PS2
Interplay Entertainment, X BOX/PS2
Groliers Interactive
Trimark Interactive/National Lampoon
TSR. Inc. (Interactive Dungeons and Dragons CD)
TSR. Inc. (Interactive Dungeons and Dragons CD)
TSR. Inc. (Interactive Dungeons and Dragons CD)
TSR. Inc. (Interactive Dungeons and Dragons CD)
TSR. Inc. (Interactive Dungeons and Dragons CD)
TSR. Inc. (Interactive Dungeons and Dragons CD)
TSR. Inc. (Interactive Dungeons and Dragons CD)
TSR. Inc. (Interactive Dungeons and Dragons CD)
TSR. Inc. (Interactive Dungeons and Dragons CD)

THEATRICAL and TV TRAILERS (partial list)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
“Spider-man III”
Arthur and the Invisibles”
Call of Duty II – EIII Theatrical Trailers
Call of Duty III – EIII Theatrical Trailers
40 Year Old Virgin – DVD Release (12 Days of Xmas)
“An Inconvenient Truth” TV Trailer
Over the Hedge
HBO, Year End Promo
“Deja Vu” – TV Trailers
Chronicals of Narnia, Lion Witch and the Wardrobe
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
“Sin City”
“Sin City”
Aliens of the Deep”
“Halo 2”
“Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King”
“The Village” Extended Trailer
“Laws of Attraction”
“Shrek II”
“The Omega Code”
“The Drew Carey Show”
“Catch Rosie Tonight”
“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”
“Dawson’s Creek”
“7th Heaven”
Orchestration and Production of Theme for Trailer
Sony Pictures, W/ Simone Benyacar, (Addl. Music)
Fox Searchlight, (Addl. Music)
MGM Studios, W/ Simone Benyacar
Aspyer, W/ Simone Benyacar
Aspyer, W/ Simone Benyacar
Universal Pictures, W/ Simone Benyacar
Paramount Classics, W/ Simone Benyacar
Dreamworks – W/ Simone Benyacar
HBO – W/ Simone Benyacar
Buena Vista Pictures
ABC, TV Spots – W/ Simone Benyacar
Buena Vista Pict., W/ Simone Benyacar (Addl. Musicl)
W/ Simone Benyacar (Addl. Music)
TV Spots – Original Music, W/ Simone Benyacar
Theatrical – W/ Simone Benyacar (Addl. Musical material)
IMAX Film – W/ Simone Benyacar (Addl. Music)
Microsoft (TV & Theatrical) W/ Simone Benyacar
New Line (Theatrical ) W/ Simone Benyacar (Addl. Music)
Touchstone (TV ) W/ Simone Benyacar (Addl. Music)
New Line (Theatrical ) W/ Simone Benyacar (Addl. Music)
Paramount Pict. (TV Trailer) W/ Simone Benyacar
Dreamworks, W/ Simone Benyacar
Focus Features (Theatrical Trailer) W/ Simone Benyacar
Illusion Entertainment (Theatrical Trailer)
Marquee Productions (Theatrical Trailer)
The WB Station Group (Trailer)
The WB Station Group (Trailer)
The WB Station Group (Trailer)
The Rosie O’Donnell Show
The WB (Trailer)
The WB (Trailer)
The WB (Trailer)

Other Fun Stuff

Producer of Dane Cook’s “I’ll Never be You”
Editor and Mixer of Dane Cook’s “Retaliation”
Composer of the “WB Station Group Musical Identity”
Producer of ” ‘Til I Believed in You” (Emmy Winning Song)
Composer for Hinton Battle’s “Shine”
Great Dane Entertainment
Comedy Central Records
The WB Station Group
Another World/NBC(Music Producer)
HBO Comedy Festival

Midiot Home

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